The Impossible Quiz

Impossible quiz is a brain training game where you can feel an exciting and cool math game and answer incredibly tricky questions. In Impossible quiz, you will need to provide correct answers to system questions, or you will eliminate. Therefore, you must keep calm, prepare for the competition and play every game in your best condition.

The game operation of Impossible quiz

You will answer the questions raised by the system, let the game system judge, correctly, you will play the next game; Otherwise, you will defeat. Moreover, there are limits to the time you can give your answer, so you must grasp the time and give your answer within the time limit.

The game features of Impossible quiz

There are very different levels of difficulty in the Impossible quiz. If you are a beginner, you’d better start from the foundation, which can make you feel that your ability is ideal; otherwise, you will lose the idea of continuing in the continuous failure. In the process of playing the game, you can record it on the screen so that you can see your performance after the game. Of course, you will not encounter problems, and you can choose to jump over. Therefore, we still need you to continue to conquer every topic.

Impossible quiz is a test game that does not play cards according to common sense. You must jump out of your fixed-line thinking before you can get the correct answer.  When it comes to thinking out of the box, there is no better game to exercise your brain than word scramble, which can make you happy in the game and increase your knowledge of English.

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Slope, which tests your control ability, can only be considered successful if you let it move on a safe and correct platform precisely; otherwise, it will fail.  In learn to fly, you need to help the penguin to complete its flying task with various advanced devices. The same goes for a flashlight in the dark, which can help us better explore monsters.

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